Draftable Shortstops

Here is a list of names that could get called in the 2006 First Year Player Draft.  The order in which I will rank shortstops on draft day will differ from this list.  But this is what I have available now.  Enjoy.  Sorry, but the players weight and grade in school look close together.

Evan Longoria-3B SS R-R 6*2 185 Jr. Long Beach St
Manuel Burress SS B-R 6*0 160 Jr. Kent State
Stephen King SS R-R 6*2 175 H Winter Park
Adrian Cardenas SS L-R 6*0 180 H Monsignor Pace
StephenEnglund SS R-R 6*2 185 H Bellevue
Josh Rodriguez SS R-R 6*0 180 Jr. Rice
Jason Donald SS R-R 6*1 190 Jr. Arizona
Marcus Lemon SS L-R 5*10 155 H Eustis
Ryan Jackson SS B-R 6*2 165 H Flor. Christian
Chris Valaika SS R-R 5*11 180 Jr. UC Santa Barb
Grant Green SS R-R 6*3 170 H Canyon
Justin Turner-2B SS R-R 5*11 175 Sr. Cal Fullerton
Ryan Wehrle SS R-R 6*3 205 So Nebraska
Christian Vitters SS L-R 6*2 190 Jr. Fresno State
Mitch Hilligoss SS Jr. Purdue
Blake Davis-USA SS L-R 5*11 155 Jr. Cal Fullerton
Chris Minaker SS R-R 6*0 195 Sr. Stanford
Thomas Berkery SS R-R 6*0 200 Sr. Missippi State
Jason Taylor SS R-R 6*1 195 H Kellam
Josh Prince-rhp SS R-R 6*1 175 H Barbe 88-89
Ryan Rohlinger SS R-R 6*1 180 Sr. Oklahoma
Nick Papasan SS R-R 5*9 165 H
Chase Fontaine SS L-R 6*2 190 So Daytona Beach CC
Graham Stoneburner SS R-R 6*0 165 H Mills Godwin
Kevin Cravey SS R-R 6*1 170 H Klein Oak
Jet Butler SS B-R 6*1 175 H Tate
Steve Singleton SS B-R 5*11 165 Jr. San Diego
Matt Ray SS R-R 5*9 170 Jr. Central Florida
Roberto Mena SS R-R 6*1 185 Jr. Tampa
Michael Langley SS R-R 6*0 170 H Parkview
Tommy King SS Jr. Troy
Joaquin Rodriguez SS jr Jackson Sate
Ryan Powers SS R-R 6*2 190 H Beacon
Mike Freeman SS L-R 6*0 170 H Edgewater
Tim Torres SS S-R 6*2 190 Sr. Oral Roberts
Luis Tovar SS R-R 6*3 172 H Kofa
Keith Mauney SS R-R 6*2 175 H Providence
Jason Kudlock SS R-R 6*2 170 H Hamilton
Jimmy Mayer SS 5*11 185 Sr. Pittsburgh

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