Today is draft day

In today’s first round I will be drafting the best player available.  The player that I feel can make the impact on my team over the next ten years.  At this point my emotions are telling me that player is Hank Conger.  The marketing side of my brain is also drooling over the "King Conger" sales potential.  But that has no impact on who I will pick.  Personally I am surprised that people think Conger will last until my pick at number 20.

After the first round I will continue to look for the best player available while focusing on getting a balance of these types of players. 

  • Pitchers, balance of high school and college, I prefer college guys
  • Guys that play tough defensive positions like SS, 3B, CF, and Catcher
  • I want to add depth at positions later in the draft
  • I could also use a few mid-round outfielders, but it looks pretty thin
  • I don’t want to get burned by top HS picks going go college
  • Since I am not a scout, I know very little about signability

I will pick players that I like, trying to avoid the temptation of drafting players that seem to be dropping.  I will be going for balance.  But I do run the risk of trying to put a guy at each position before I get enough pitching.

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