2007 Draft-Top 100 Prospects

The First Year Player Draft is only five weeks away.  Time to get my first Top 100 Prospect list published.  I will be updating this list several times in the weeks and days leading up to the draft.

Anybody that wants to follow this years draft should tune into MLB.com  That is where I have been listening to the draft for years now.  Jonathan Mayo and Lisa Winston will have their crew covering most if not all of the draft.

Please let me kow if there is anybody that should be moved up, moved down, or added to this list.

1 David Price P C L-L 6*5 195
2 Rick Porcello P H R-R 6*5 188
3 Matt Wieters-1b-p C C B-R 6*4 205
4 Josh Vitters 3b H R-R 6*3 195
5 Andrew Brackman p C R-R 5*10 230
6 Jason Heyward of H L-L 6*2 198
7 Blake Beavan P H R-R 6*7 210
8 Matt Harvey P H R-R 6*4 190
9 Ross Detwiler P C L-L
10 Phillippe Aumont P H R-R 6*7 225
11 Matt Dominguez 3b H R-R 6*2 185
12 Michael Burgess of H L-L 5*11 200
13 Matt LaPorta$ 1b C
14 Matt Mangini 3b C
15 Mike Moustakas-c 3b H L-R 6*1 185
16 Daniel Moskos P C L-L
17 Casey Weathers$ P C R-R
18 Tanner Robles P H L-L 6*4 190
19 Neil Ramirez P H R-R 6*4 190
20 Jack McGeary-1b P H L-L 6*3 200
21 MadisonBumgarner P H R-L 6*5 220
22 Joe Savery 1B C L-L 6*3 210
23 Beau Mills 1B C L-R 6*3 205
24 Michael Main-of P H R-R 6*1 171
25 Todd Frazier-of-ss 3B C R-R 6*3 195
26 Yasmani Grandal C H B-R 6*2 205
27 Kentrail Davis of H L-R 5*9 195
28 Cole St.Clair P C L-L 6*5 225
29 Justin Jackson-OF ss H R-R 6*2 175
30 Julio Borbon OF C L-L 6*1 180
31 Nick Schmidt P C L-L 6*4 215
32 Mitch Canham C C
33 J.P. Arencibia C C R-R 6*0 210
34 Jake Arrieta P C R-R 6*4 235
35 Kyle Russell* of C
36 Grant Desme of C 6*2 210
37 Tony Thomas 2B c R-R 5*10 180
38 Eric Eiland of H L-L 6*1 195
39 Tim Alderson <sp


  1. oldschool14@aol.com

    What about Cory Gearrin out of Mercer? Arguably best potential to move up quickly out of this years closers class. This years Joe Smith?

  2. norbie_14@hotmail.com

    some people have Kevin Ahrens 3B rank higher what can you tell me about him is he worthy of going in the supplemental first round.

  3. topnotch5647@aol.com

    What about Nolan Mulligan. He was drafted out of high school but decided to go juco and was drafted again out of juco but needed to mature more so went to 4 year now is strong and mature and ready to go to the minors, Has lots of pitches and throws in the nineties.

  4. Phil

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Cory Gearrin is having a great year. He has 11 saves in 35 innings. He has given up just 9 hits. But his 22 walks in just 35 innings is very high. Some pitchers with good stuff, but questionable command can overcome control issues, while others never will. Seattle rookie Brandon Morrow had control problems at Cal and he could have problems as hitters get used to him in the majors. Jason Neighborgall is an extreme case of control problems that will never be overcome.

  5. hardballin1@email.com

    Any similar control concerns with #17 Casey Weathers from Vanderbilt? Weathers has 54 k 18 bb in 36 innings compared to Gearrins 58 k 22 bb in 35 innings…both appear to look alot alike with command and punch punch out ability…

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