Top 100-May 11, 2007

Jonathan Mayo has his draft chat going right now. So hopefully some of you "draft-heads" out there are joining in the fun. The servers at work will not allow me access. I have updated my Top 100 list somewhat, and I will do so again next week. Enjoy the rankings and have a good weekend.

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    Who out of this years draft do you see being in the show quickest and able to make an impact?


    What about the sensational left-hander, John Flanagan, from Belleville West (IL) High School?? Where do you see him in the overall picture?


    Great stuff, I am assuming you are waiting to see if guys like Scherzer, Latos and Walden sign. Where would they be rated if they were included?


    Why isn’t Tommy Toledo in the
    top 100. This kid, out of Tampa’s Alonso High School, can pitch!

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    1 David Price P C
    2 Josh Vitters 3b H
    3 Rick Porcello P H
    4 Matt Wieters-1b-p C C
    5 Beau Mills 1B C
    6 Andrew Brackman p C
    7 Mike Moustakas-c 3b H
    8 Jason Heyward of H
    9 Matt Harvey P H
    10 Ross Detwiler P C
    11 Phillippe Aumont P H
    12 Matt Dominguez 3b H
    13 Matt LaPorta 1b C
    14 Blake Beavan P H
    15 Daniel Moskos P C
    16 MadisonBumgarner P H
    17 Jarrod Parker P H
    18 Michael Main-of P H
    19 Josh Smoker P H
    20 Casey Weathers P C
    21 Brett Cecil p C
    22 Jack McGeary-1b P H
    23 Matt Mangini 3b C
    24 Yasmani Grandal C H
    25 Julio Borbon OF C
    26 Tim Alderson P H
    27 Todd Frazier-of-ss 3B C
    28 Nick Schmidt P C
    29 Joe Savery 1B C
    30 Grant Desme of C
    31 Peter Kozma ss H
    32 Michael Burgess of H
    33 Kentrail Davis of H
    34 Neil Ramirez P H
    35 Justin Jackson ss H
    36 Cole St.Clair P C
    37 Tanner Robles P H
    38 Nick Noonan-2b ss H
    39 Kevin Ahrens 3b H
    40 James Simmons P C
    41 Mitch Canham C C
    42 Devon Mesaraco C H
    43 Wendell Fairley of H
    44 Kyle Russell of C
    45 Tony Thomas 2B c
    46 Andrew Lambo-of 1b H
    47 Eric Eiland of H
    48 Jake Arrieta P C
    49 Brad Suttle 3b C
    50 Sean Morgan P C
    51 J.P. Arencibia C C
    52 Adrian Ortiz OF C
    53 Sean Doolittle-lhp 1B C
    54 Ryan Dent-ss-cf 2B H
    55 James Adkins P C
    56 Josh Horton SS C
    57 Danny Worth ss c
    58 Wynn Pelzer P C
    59 Wes Roemer P C
    60 Hunter Morris-of 1b H
    61 Brandon Hicks ss C
    62 Curt Casali-def C H
    63 Kellen Kulbacki of C
    64 Kevin Patterson-c 1b H
    65 Joshua Fields p C
    66 Brett Krill of H