Responses to comments

Thanks again for the reader comments.  Here are the answers: 

#1  "Who out of this years draft do you see being in the show quickest and able to make an impact?"

The players I see making it to the majors the quickest would mostly be the bullpen guys.  Guys like
Brett Cecil from Maryland, Wynn Pelzer from Clemson,
Cole St. Clair from Texas
Eddie Kunz from Oregon State,
Sam Demel from TCU,
Jordan Chambless from Tx A&M,
Casey Weathers from Vanderbilt, and Blair Erickson from Cal-Irvine could all make a quick rise to the majors.  But it all depends on the teams that draft them.  Looking at the hitters, I would say that Matt LaPorta from Florida,
Matt Weiters of Georgia Tech,
Kellen Kulbacki of James Madison, and Beau Mills of Lewis & Clark have the best chance.  Starting pitchers get fast-tracked based on team need as well.  That being said, I could see both Ross Detwiler and David Price in the majors sometime in 2008.  Plus there is always the chance that Price goes straight to the majors if he gets a Major League contract from Tampa Bay as the #1 overall pick.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it could happen. 

#2  "What about the sensational left-hander, John Flanagan, from Belleville West (IL) High School?? Where do you see him in the overall picture?"

John Flanagan appears to be a solid, successful high school pitcher.  He is a 6’5" left-hander with excellent command.  He also sounds like he is leaning toward signing rather than going to college.  All these things lead me to believe he will drafted anywhere between the 3rd-6th rounds.  Seattle does a good job of drafting local players from the Pacific Northwest.  So they could possibly pick Flanagan a little early, possibly with the 52nd overall pick they received from Kansas City for signing Gil Meche.

#3 "Great stuff, I am assuming you are waiting to see if guys like Scherzer, Latos and Walden sign. Where would they be rated if they were included?"

Great question!  Latos and Walden were in my opinion two of the top high school pitchers from last years draft.  They dropped in last years draft and went to junior college.  If they don’t sign before the draft, they would both be first round picks in 2007.  Scherzer would be best served by signing before the draft.  Being represented by Scott Boras is a huge handicap for players wanting to start major league careers.  He has done his part to wreck more careers than any other agent.  Scherzer is currently pitching independant league ball.  Reports have his velocity in the low 90’s, but his fastball is straight and hittable.  So he could be the next Alan Embree, instead of the next Barry Zito.  If he goes back into the draft, the Cardinals might be interested with either pick 18, or pick 36.  I could also see Detroit taking him at #27, the Yankees at pick 30, or the pitching starved Washington Nationals at pick 31.

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