Top 100-one week ’til draft

When the draft starts next Thursday the Number One overall pick will be one of three players.  Tampa Bay will select either David Price, college pitcher, Matt Weiters, college catcher, or Josh Vitters, high school third baseman.

Each of the 30 major league clubs will spend the next seven days cramming for the draft, baseballs equivelent of a final exam.  And each teams draft list will be different.  Sure, most of the top players on one teams list will look much like other teams lists.  But after the first round, the lists are very different.  Some teams will have 80 high school players in their top 100 players.  Other teams could have a majority of college players on their list.  Ten years from now, we will know who had the best draft.

My list of the top 100 players has changed over the last three weeks.  Some players like HS 3B Will Middlebrooks and HS OF Cory Vaughn (son of Greg Vaughn) have moved up the list.  Others like Clemson lefty Dan Moskos, Oklahoma State 3B Matt Mangini, and offense-first college catchers J.P. Arencibia and Mitch Canhamn have moved down the list.  Like I said, there are 30 teams with thirty different draft lists, and my list is just one more. 

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    1 David Price P C L-L 6*5 195
    2 Matt Wieters C C B-R 6*4 205
    3 Josh Vitters 3b H R-R 6*3 195
    4 Rick Porcello P H R-R 6*5 188
    5 Mike Moustakas 3b H L-R 6*1 185
    6 Phillippe Aumont P H R-R 6*7 225
    7 Jason Heyward of H L-L 6*2 198
    8 Blake Beavan P H R-R 6*7 210
    9 Ross Detwiler P C L-L
    10 Beau Mills 1B C L-R 6*3 205
    11 Matt Dominguez 3b H R-R 6*2 185
    12 MadisonBumgarner P H R-L 6*5 220
    13 Michael Main P H R-R 6*1 171
    14 Josh Smoker P H L-L 6*2 190
    15 Matt LaPorta 1b C
    16 Andrew Brackman p C R-R 6*9 230
    17 Casey Weathers P C R-R
    18 Tim Alderson P H R-R 6*7 208
    19 Kevin Ahrens 3b H B-R 6*1 180
    20 Devon Mesaraco C H
    21 Nevin Griffith P H R-R 6*4 180
    22 Jarrod Parker P H R-R 6*0 175
    23 Matt Harvey P H R-R 6*4 190
    24 Will Middlebrooks 3b H 6*4 200
    25 Daniel Moskos P C L-L 6*1 190
    26 Michael Burgess of H L-L 5*11 200
    27 Todd Frazier 3B C R-R 6*3 195
    28 Corey Borwn of C L-L 6*2 210
    29 Kellen Kulbacki of C
    30 Brett Cecil p C R-L 6*2 225
    31 Nick Schmidt P C L-L 6*4 215
    32 Brad Suttle 3b C
    33 Travis d’Arnaud C H R-R 6*0 180
    34 Jack McGeary P H L-L 6*3 200
    35 Kyle Blair P H R-R 6*4 200
    36 Drew Cumberland ss H L-R 5*10 170
    37 Joe Savery 1B C L-L 6*3 210
    38 Kyle Russell of C
    39 Peter Kozma ss H R-R