Alfac Effect-1st Round or college

The 2005 Aflac High School Baseball Classic brings together 38 of the best draft eligible high school players in the country.  Lots of scouts show up to evaluate this select group of talented players.  But less than half the players will end up signing contracts and going pro.  The players from the 2004 and 2005 Aflac Classics were drafted in 2005 and 2006.  In 2006 only 17 of the 38 signed.  Less than half of the players signed each year.  This will be the third year that Aflac Classic players can be drafted.

Dellin Betances RHP 6′ 9" 215 Grand Street Campus School
(Brooklyn, NY)
Brent Brewer SS/OF 6′ 3" 195 Sandy Creek High School
(Tyrone, GA)
David Christensen OF 6′ 2" 195 Stoneman Douglas High School
(Parkland, FL)
Andrew Clark 1B 6′ 2" 200 New Palestine High School
(New Palestine, IN)
Cedric Hunter OF 6′ 1" 185 Martin Luther King High School
(Lithonia, GA)
Ryan Jackson SS 6′ 2" 170 Florida Christian School
(Miami, FL)
Jeremy Jeffress RHP 6′ 1" 180 Halifax County High School
(South Boston, VA)
Cody Johnson 1B/OF 6′ 4" 195 Mosley High School
(Panama City, FL)
Kasey Kiker LHP 5′ 11" 185 Russell County High School
(Phenix City, AL)
Torre Langley C 5′ 10" 175 Alexander High School
(Winston, GA)
Matt Latos RHP 6′ 5" 205 Coconut Creek High School
(Miami, FL)
Chris Marrero 3B 6′ 3" 195 Monsignor Pace High School
(Miami, FL)
Cory Rasmus RHP/3B 6′ 0" 198 Russell County High School
(Phenix City, AL)
Derrick Robinson OF 6′ 0" 170 P.K. Yonge High School
(Archer, FL)
Billy Rowell 3B/SS 6′ 4" 198 Bishop Eustace Prep
(Sewell, NJ)
Max Sapp C 6′ 2" 210 Bishop Moore High School
(Windermere, FL)
Gerald Sullivan RHP 6′ 4" 195 Mt. Olive High School
(Budd Lake, NJ)
Chris Walden RHP 6′ 3" 181 Bellefontaine High School
(Bellefontaine, OH)
Colton Willems RHP 6′ 4" 190 John Carroll High School
(Fort Pierce, FL)
2005 West Team
Name Pos. Hgt. Wgt. School
Ryan Adams SS 6′ 0" 185 Jesuit High School
(Mandeville, LA)
Robbie Alcombrack 3B/C 6′ 1" 205 Bear River High School
(Grass Valley, CA)
Brett Anderson LHP 6′ 4" 205 Stillwater High School
(Stillwater, OK)
Nathan Bridges SS 6′ 1" 170 Villa Park High School
(Yorba Linda, CA)
Gavin Brooks LHP/1B 6′ 3" 192 Rancho Buena Vista High School
(Vista, CA)
Hank Conger 3B/C 6′ 0" 210 Huntington Beach High School
(Huntington Beach, CA)
Kyle Drabek RHP/SS 6′ 0" 190 The Woodlands High School
(The Woodlands, TX)
Grant Green SS 6′ 3" 185 Canyon High School
(Anaheim Hills, CA)
Taylor Hammack LHP 6′ 3" 210 Angleton High School
(Angleton, TX)
Ryan Jenkins RHP 6′ 5" 195 Cypress Falls High School
(Houston, TX)
Aaron Miller LHP/1B 6′ 3" 200 Channelview High School
(Channelview, TX)
Jared Mitchell OF 6′ 0" 195 Westgate High School
(New Iberia, LA)
Chris Parmelee 1B 6′ 1" 200 Chino Hills High School
(Chino Hills, CA)
Jeff Rapoport OF 6′ 0" 183 Westlake High School
(Westlake, CA)
Chad Robinson RHP 6′ 5" 205 Silverado High School
(Las Vegas, NV)
Drew Rundle OF 6′ 3" 180 Bend High School
(Bend, OR)
Devin Shepherd OF 6′ 4" 230 Oxnard High School
(Oxnard, CA)
Chris Tillman RHP 6′ 5" 190 Fountain Valley High School
(Fountain Valley, CA)
Jordan Walden RHP 6′ 4" 185 Mansfield High School
(Mansfield, TX)

And then here is the list of players that signed after being drafted.

Card #                        Name                       High School                  Drafted By in 2006    Round Selected

1 of 14

Billy Rowell
Bishop Eustace
Baltimore Orioles
2 of 14
Kasey Kiker
Russell County
Texas Rangers
3 of 14
Chris Marrero
Monsignor Pace
4 of 14
Jeremy Jeffress
Halifax County
Milwaukee Brewers
5 of 14
Kyle Drabek
The Woodlands
Philadelphia Phillies
6 of 14
Chris Parmelee
Chino Hills
Minnesota Twins
7 of 14
Colton Willems
John Carroll
8 of 14
Cody Johnson
Atlanta Braves
9 of 14
Hank Conger
Huntington Beach
10 of 14
Cory Rasmus
Russell County
Atlanta Braves
11 of 14
David Christensen
Stoneman Douglas
Colorado Rockies
12 of 14
Chris Tillman
Fountain Valley
Seattle Mariners
13 of 14
Torre Langley
Florida Marlins
14 of 14
Robby Alcombrack
Bear River
Cleveland Indians

15   Brett Anderson signed late

16   Matt Latos signed late

17   Jonathan Walden signed late

So here is the list of players from the 2006 Aflac Classic.  If half of these players look like first rounders, logically then the other half are long shots to sign.  But some will sign.  So this is a good example of why predicting the baseball draft is more difficult than the football and basketball drafts.

So that is 12 of the 38 total Aflac players.  Lets say that I am right with 10 of the 12.  Lets be aggressive and sign that 19 players sign, which is more than ever before.   So best estimate is that only 9 of the 26 players that I did not list will sign pro contracts during this draft.  So being selected to play in the Aflac classic does not guarentee a Million Dollar bonus the next summer. 


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