2nd Tier College-Infielders

Most draft information get compilied on the the top players available.  But after the first five rounds, there are still 45 more rounds left to draft players.  Teams use these later picks on a combination of high ceiling raw physically talented athletes and lower ceiling hard working baseball players that know how to play the game.  Here are some lists of players that won’t be top picks, but they could still get drafted and given a chance to reach the majors.

Troy Clint  Robinson 1B 6*4 225 Senior .370-219-17-65-29-30-1
So Bama Cunningham, Jeff 1B L/R 6*3 215 Jr. .350-183-22-64-38-53-4
C of Charl Graham Maiden 1B L/L 6*3 215 Sr. .371-178-10-41-16-15-3
U of Az Ziegler, C.J. 1B R/R 6*4 225 Jr. .347-199-10-56-28-34-0
Hawaii Kris Sanchez 1B 6*3 220 Sr. .364-206-10-63-28-42-1
Memphis Adam Amar 1b R-R 6*4 235 Sr. .352-213-5-42-20-20-3
U of W Rindal, Curt 1B R/R 6*3 215 SR .350-214-9-48-16-28-0
MissippiSt Mitch Moreland 1B L-L 6*2 228 Jr. .342-202-7-50-29-25-1
La Tech Albie Goulder 1B 6*3 205 jr .327-196-14-51-26-34-3
NotreDame Mike Dury 1B S/L 6*5 240 SR .246-179-9-35-24-49-4
Michigan Nate Recknagel* 1B R-R 6*2 215 Jr. .358-193-10-54-40-36-4
MissippiSt Brian LaNinfa 1B L-R 6*0 220 Sr. .321-184-4-42-20-35-1
Ok St Ridling, Rebel 1B R/R 6*3 225 Jr. .336-232-11-62-15-57-1
Tex Chance Wheeless 1B 6*5 220 Sr.-3L .356-208-4-32-32-22-4
Flor Int’l Petika, John 1B L/L 6*2 210 Jr. .342-219-7-56-9-26-2
Or St Lennerton, Jordan 1B L/L 6*2 230 Jr. .327-159-6-42-26-31-0
Ark Hamblin, Danny 1B R/R 6*1 209 Sr. .278-205-20-54-28-61-2
USC Lucas Duda 1B 6*5 240 JR .275-171-6-31-29-32-3
Maine Joel Barrett 1B R/R 6*1 220 SR .364-184-7-38-25-19-2
LSU Jordan Mayer 1B R/R 6*3 257 Jr. .213-61-4-8-9-16-2
J Madison Moses, Mitchell 1B 6’3" 220 r-Sr. .347-150-4-20-33-18
Louisville Jorge Castillo 1B L/R 6*1 235 JR .290-183-4-42-8-24-1
South Flor Daniel, Brandin 1B L/L 6*1 220 Jr. .270-200-7-45-25-57-0
Wichita Jackson, Danny 1B R/R 6*3 220 RSr. .317-120-4-22-8-27-1
Elon Chris Vasami 1B R/R 6*4 235 Sr. .315-197-5-44-21-44-2
Memphis Joey Lieberman 1B R-R 5*10 210 Sr. .286-220-12-52-29-53-0
Florida St Brandon Reichert 1B RR 6*3 215 RS SR .313-201-3-46-15-24-1

Many college players end up playing out of position, wherever the team needs them to play.  So they often play numerous positions during the year.  Because of this many college rosters list players not at a position, but as "Infielders".  So I will have lists of players for each position, add also "infielders".

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Top 100-one week ’til draft

When the draft starts next Thursday the Number One overall pick will be one of three players.  Tampa Bay will select either David Price, college pitcher, Matt Weiters, college catcher, or Josh Vitters, high school third baseman.

Each of the 30 major league clubs will spend the next seven days cramming for the draft, baseballs equivelent of a final exam.  And each teams draft list will be different.  Sure, most of the top players on one teams list will look much like other teams lists.  But after the first round, the lists are very different.  Some teams will have 80 high school players in their top 100 players.  Other teams could have a majority of college players on their list.  Ten years from now, we will know who had the best draft.

My list of the top 100 players has changed over the last three weeks.  Some players like HS 3B Will Middlebrooks and HS OF Cory Vaughn (son of Greg Vaughn) have moved up the list.  Others like Clemson lefty Dan Moskos, Oklahoma State 3B Matt Mangini, and offense-first college catchers J.P. Arencibia and Mitch Canhamn have moved down the list.  Like I said, there are 30 teams with thirty different draft lists, and my list is just one more. 

Ok St Mach, Tyler 2B R/R 6*0 207 Sr. .408-223-15-73-21-24-1
ASU Eric Sogard 2B L/R 5*10 180 Jr./2V .399-203-10-51-37-22-16
C of Charl Chris Campbell 2B R/R 5*10 170 Sr. .388-255-10-77-17-14-4
Flor Atlant Robbie Widlansky 2B 6*2 210 JR .445-227-15-67-23-27-9
So Missip Trey Sutton 2B L/R 6*0 175 JR .370-235-7-37-34-19-12
Minnesota Dan Lyons

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Responses to comments

Thanks again for the reader comments.  Here are the answers: 

#1  "Who out of this years draft do you see being in the show quickest and able to make an impact?"

The players I see making it to the majors the quickest would mostly be the bullpen guys.  Guys like
Brett Cecil from Maryland, Wynn Pelzer from Clemson,
Cole St. Clair from Texas
Eddie Kunz from Oregon State,
Sam Demel from TCU,
Jordan Chambless from Tx A&M,
Casey Weathers from Vanderbilt, and Blair Erickson from Cal-Irvine could all make a quick rise to the majors.  But it all depends on the teams that draft them.  Looking at the hitters, I would say that Matt LaPorta from Florida,
Matt Weiters of Georgia Tech,
Kellen Kulbacki of James Madison, and Beau Mills of Lewis & Clark have the best chance.  Starting pitchers get fast-tracked based on team need as well.  That being said, I could see both Ross Detwiler and David Price in the majors sometime in 2008.  Plus there is always the chance that Price goes straight to the majors if he gets a Major League contract from Tampa Bay as the #1 overall pick.  It doesn’t happen very often, but it could happen. 

#2  "What about the sensational left-hander, John Flanagan, from Belleville West (IL) High School?? Where do you see him in the overall picture?"

John Flanagan appears to be a solid, successful high school pitcher.  He is a 6’5" left-hander with excellent command.  He also sounds like he is leaning toward signing rather than going to college.  All these things lead me to believe he will drafted anywhere between the 3rd-6th rounds.  Seattle does a good job of drafting local players from the Pacific Northwest.  So they could possibly pick Flanagan a little early, possibly with the 52nd overall pick they received from Kansas City for signing Gil Meche.

#3 "Great stuff, I am assuming you are waiting to see if guys like Scherzer, Latos and Walden sign. Where would they be rated if they were included?"

Great question!  Latos and Walden were in my opinion two of the top high school pitchers from last years draft.  They dropped in last years draft and went to junior college.  If they don’t sign before the draft, they would both be first round picks in 2007.  Scherzer would be best served by signing before the draft.  Being represented by Scott Boras is a huge handicap for players wanting to start major league careers.  He has done his part to wreck more careers than any other agent.  Scherzer is currently pitching independant league ball.  Reports have his velocity in the low 90’s, but his fastball is straight and hittable.  So he could be the next Alan Embree, instead of the next Barry Zito.  If he goes back into the draft, the Cardinals might be interested with either pick 18, or pick 36.  I could also see Detroit taking him at #27, the Yankees at pick 30, or the pitching starved Washington Nationals at pick 31.

Top 100-May 11, 2007

Jonathan Mayo has his draft chat going right now. So hopefully some of you "draft-heads" out there are joining in the fun. The servers at work will not allow me access. I have updated my Top 100 list somewhat, and I will do so again next week. Enjoy the rankings and have a good weekend.

1 David Price P C L-L 6*5 195
2 Matt Wieters C C B-R 6*4 205
3 Josh Vitters 3b H R-R 6*3 195
4 Rick Porcello P H R-R 6*5 188
5 Mike Moustakas 3b H L-R 6*1 185
6 Phillippe Aumont P H R-R 6*7 225
7 Jason Heyward of H L-L 6*2 198
8 Blake Beavan P H R-R 6*7 210
9 Ross Detwiler P C L-L
10 Beau Mills 1B C L-R 6*3 205
11 Matt Dominguez 3b H R-R 6*2 185
12 MadisonBumgarner P H R-L 6*5 220
13 Michael Main P H R-R 6*1 171
14 Josh Smoker P H L-L 6*2 190
15 Matt LaPorta 1b C
16 Andrew Brackman p C R-R 6*9 230
17 Casey Weathers P C R-R
18 Tim Alderson P H R-R 6*7 208
19 Kevin Ahrens 3b H B-R 6*1 180
20 Devon Mesaraco C H
21 Nevin Griffith P H R-R 6*4 180
22 Jarrod Parker P H R-R 6*0 175
23 Matt Harvey P H R-R 6*4 190
24 Will Middlebrooks 3b H 6*4 200
25 Daniel Moskos P C L-L 6*1 190
26 Michael Burgess of H L-L 5*11 200
27 Todd Frazier 3B C R-R 6*3 195
28 Corey Borwn of C L-L 6*2 210
29 Kellen Kulbacki of C
30 Brett Cecil p C R-L 6*2 225
31 Nick Schmidt P C L-L 6*4 215
32 Brad Suttle 3b C
33 Travis d’Arnaud C H R-R 6*0 180
34 Jack McGeary P H L-L 6*3 200
35 Kyle Blair P H R-R 6*4 200
36 Drew Cumberland ss H L-R 5*10 170
37 Joe Savery 1B C L-L 6*3 210
38 Kyle Russell of C
39 Peter Kozma ss H R-R
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The Art of Ranking

Many thanks to the people that found my blog and left comments.  Today I want to take a moment to talk about putting together a draft list.  Specifically, in response to Kevin Ahrens and Jarrod Parker being ranked too low on my first Top 100 list.  It is very possible that they both are too low.  I had Ahrens listed at 54, which makes him a supplemental 1st round pick.  Then I had Parker at 69, which is a high 2nd round pick.  Ten years from now, we will know where they should have been ranked. 

For fun, lets see what happened twenty years ago in the 1987 draft

The list function is throwing data everywhere.  Please use this link to see the list.  http://www.thebaseballcube.com/draft/1987/Round-1-1.shtml

Hindsight is 20-20 when it comes to the draft.  So in hindsight seven of the top ten teams drafting in 1987 didn’t have players ranked properly.  So if I am wrong, I am not alone.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at the draft is that every team has their own scouts and ranks players on their own.  Since it is mathematically impossible for 30 different teams to rank prospects identically, everyone has a different list when they go into the draft.  My list could be similar to some teams, and very different from other teams.  But nobody knows for sure.  My plan is to publish my Top 100 list about once a week, so I can provide the best info that I have.

The same mathematical phenomena takes place in weekly polls of major college sports.  A bunch of experts, and/or coaches are polled, and everybody’s list is slightly different.  That doesn’t mean one expert is smarter than all the others.  It just means that people have different opinions.  You will also often notice that the polls don’t agree with each other.  The 20th place team on one poll could be ranked 17th and 21st on different polls in the same week.  I will get my updated list here in next couple of days.

GM Instructional League

After following the draft for years, I was searching for a way to prove to myself that I could do a good job of drafting for a major league franchise.  I needed to find other people that followed the draft to draft against.  But that was easier said than done.  After years of searching and posting on forums, I finally had to change my approach.  Instead of finding a fantasy league to join, I would have to start my own league.  Now while most leagues have 10-12 members, I needed a large league to try and replicate the FYPD.  So the league opened with 24 teams.

Instead of starting the league with an auction, or major league draft, I wanted to make sure that we had fantasy players with an in-depth knowledge of the draft.  So started the league in January of 2005 with our 2004 First year player Draft.  During my first draft, I wanted to draft players that would reach the majors quickly, so I focused on a Moneyball style of drafting experienced college players.  In this first draft, my team chose 14th overall.  My first high school pick didn’t come until Orioles Pitcher Brad Bergeson in my ninth round.  In total, I drafted 9 high school players, 5 juco players, 19 college players, and one player that deserves his own catagory, Matt Harrington.

To give all owners drafting in the FYPD extra research time, we start our draft during the All-Star break.  So each owner has one full month for research after the draft has occured.  We then draft one round per day getting through 35 rounds in 35 days.  So the team I list below was a draft one round at a time against other owners.  Therefore the list varies greatly with the picks I made in the blog in 2006 during the actual draft.

2004 First Year Player Draft

1 David Price P C
2 Josh Vitters 3b H
3 Rick Porcello P H
4 Matt Wieters-1b-p C C
5 Beau Mills 1B C
6 Andrew Brackman p C
7 Mike Moustakas-c 3b H
8 Jason Heyward of H
9 Matt Harvey P H
10 Ross Detwiler P C
11 Phillippe Aumont P H
12 Matt Dominguez 3b H
13 Matt LaPorta 1b C
14 Blake Beavan P H
15 Daniel Moskos P C
16 MadisonBumgarner P H
17 Jarrod Parker P H
18 Michael Main-of P H
19 Josh Smoker P H
20 Casey Weathers P C
21 Brett Cecil p C
22 Jack McGeary-1b P H
23 Matt Mangini 3b C
24 Yasmani Grandal C H
25 Julio Borbon OF C
26 Tim Alderson P H
27 Todd Frazier-of-ss 3B C
28 Nick Schmidt P C
29 Joe Savery 1B C
30 Grant Desme of C
31 Peter Kozma ss H
32 Michael Burgess of H
33 Kentrail Davis of H
34 Neil Ramirez P H
35 Justin Jackson ss H
36 Cole St.Clair P C
37 Tanner Robles P H
38 Nick Noonan-2b ss H
39 Kevin Ahrens 3b H
40 James Simmons P C
41 Mitch Canham C C
42 Devon Mesaraco C H
43 Wendell Fairley of H
44 Kyle Russell of C
45 Tony Thomas 2B c
46 Andrew Lambo-of 1b H
47 Eric Eiland of H
48 Jake Arrieta P C
49 Brad Suttle 3b C
50 Sean Morgan P C
51 J.P. Arencibia C C
52 Adrian Ortiz OF C
53 Sean Doolittle-lhp 1B C
54 Ryan Dent-ss-cf 2B H
55 James Adkins P C
56 Josh Horton SS C
57 Danny Worth ss c
58 Wynn Pelzer P C
59 Wes Roemer P C
60 Hunter Morris-of 1b H
61 Brandon Hicks ss C
62 Curt Casali-def C H
63 Kellen Kulbacki of C
64 Kevin Patterson-c 1b H
65 Joshua Fields p C
66 Brett Krill of H
1 Josh Fields CHW 3b
2 Seth Smith Col, of
3 Matt Macri Col, 3b
4 Grant Johnson CHC, rhp
5 Clay Timpler SF, of
6 Andrew Kown Det, rhp
7 Paul Janish Cin, ss
8 Josh Baker Mil, rhp
9 Brad Bergesen Bal, rhp
10 Jamar Walton Fla, of
11 Ryan Klosterman Tor, ss
12 Jake McGee TB, lhp
13 Jason Quarles Pit, rhp
14 Patrick Bryant Min, rhp
15 Jon Owings Atl, of
16 Mark Jurich Atl
17 Jeff Dominguez Sea, ss
18 Jermel Lomack Pit, 2b
19 Robert Coello c
20 DT McDowell Ana, of
21 Cain Byrd Tex
22 Mike Hofius Pit, 1b
23 Logan Sorenson Bos, 1b
24 Rich Mercado Ari, c
25 Matt Tolbert Min, rhp
26 Stephen Marek Ana, rhp
27 Darryl Lawhorn Ari
28 Matt Harrington NYY-dns
29 Omar Aguilar SF-not sign
30 Kevin Hart Bal, rhp
31 Blake Honey Cin, ss
32 Rod Allen NYY, of
33 Michael Wagner NYY, lhp

Going into the 2005 First Year Player Draft my biggest needs were Runs and RBI’s.  So I again drafted the best college player available.  We set the draft order for the 2005 FYPD to be based on our records as of the All-Star break, so I selected 23rd out of 24 teams.  My first five picks were college position players.  I balanced out the hitters by drafting 16 pitchers overall, including 7 HS P, 4 JC P, and 5 college pitchers.

2005 First Year Player Draft

1 John Mayberry,Of,Tex
2 Tyler Greene,Ss,Stl
3 Taylor Teagarden,C,Tex
4 Clete Thomas,Of,Det
5 Nick Stavinoha,Of,Stl
6 Justin Sellers,Ss,Oak
7 Kevin Roberts,rhp,Mil
8 Scott Deal,rhp,Oak
9 Bobby Andrews,Of,Bal
10 Miers Quigley,lhp,Stl
11 Chris Carter,3b,Chw
12 Erik Lis,1b,Min
12t Will Startup,lhp,Atl
13 Kyle Cofield,rhp,Atl
14 Kevin Bunch,rhp,Oak
15 Chris LeRoux,rhp,Fla
16 Zach Kroenke,lhp,Nyy
17 Eric Wordekemper,rhp,Nyy
18 Tyler Leach,rhp,Stl
19 Brandon James,rhp,Tex
20 Will Jostock,rhp,Nym
21 Chris Malec,2b,Nyy
22 Daniel Cortes,rhp,Chw
23 Matt Betsil,3b,Min
24 Tuffy Gosevich,C,Ari
25 Maels Rodriguez,rhp,Ari
26 Eric Krebs,rhp,Pit
27 David Hernandez,rhp,Bal
28 Robert Romero,rhp,Laa
29 Kevin Feiner,Ss,Cin
30 Joe Muich,C,Nyy
31 Andrew Locke,Of,La
32 Zeke Parraz,Ss,Oak
33 Matt Hall,Ss,Laa-DNS
34 Alan Horne,rhp,Nyy
35 Chris Cook,1b,Col

My farm system now had the benefit of two college oriented drafts and it was time to bring in some younger talent.  Four of my top five selections were high school players.  My only college player in the first five rounds was Joe Smith P  Mets in the 4th round.  Smith made me look smart by becoming the first player from the 2006 draft class to make his major league debut.  I also traded down several times to add extra mid-round picks.  Those acquired picks have a T after the round the player was drafted in.

2006 First Year Player Draft

1 Chris Parmalee Min 1B
2 Joe Benson Min OF
3 Dellen Betences Nyy P
4 Joe Smith Nym P
5 Helder Velazquez Col SS
6 Luke Gorsett Stl OF
7 Justin Turner Cin 2B
8 Jordan Smith Cin P
9 Robbie Alcombrack Cle C
10 Jonah Nickerson Det P
11 Marcus Lemon Tex SS
12 Andrew Fie Ari 3B
13 Thomas Neal SF OF
14 Desmond Jennings TB OF
15 Stephen Faris SD P
16 Logan Morrison Fla 1B
16t PJ Walters Stl P
17t Brett Jensen Det P
17 Nick Giarraputo Nym 3B
18t Shane Hill Mil P
18 Daniel Perales Ari OF
19 Sean Rooney Was C
19t Jared Mitchell Min OF-dns
20 David Uribes Cle 2B
21 Chris Emanuele Tor OF
22 Jonathan Del Campo Tor 3B
23 John Gaub Cle P
24 Dominic Brown Phi OF
25 Jarrod Freeman Phi P
26 Daryl King Cle 1B
27 Zach Penprase Phi SS
28 Brandon Rice Cin P
29 Luis Fernandez Tor SS
30 Gavin Dickey Sea OF
31 Garrett Johnson Chw P
32 Randy Boone Min P-dns
33 Matt Luizza Tor C
34 Brandon Holden Pit P
35 Dave Bromberg Min P

2007 Draft-Top 100 Prospects

The First Year Player Draft is only five weeks away.  Time to get my first Top 100 Prospect list published.  I will be updating this list several times in the weeks and days leading up to the draft.

Anybody that wants to follow this years draft should tune into MLB.com  That is where I have been listening to the draft for years now.  Jonathan Mayo and Lisa Winston will have their crew covering most if not all of the draft.

Please let me kow if there is anybody that should be moved up, moved down, or added to this list.

1 David Price P C L-L 6*5 195
2 Rick Porcello P H R-R 6*5 188
3 Matt Wieters-1b-p C C B-R 6*4 205
4 Josh Vitters 3b H R-R 6*3 195
5 Andrew Brackman p C R-R 5*10 230
6 Jason Heyward of H L-L 6*2 198
7 Blake Beavan P H R-R 6*7 210
8 Matt Harvey P H R-R 6*4 190
9 Ross Detwiler P C L-L
10 Phillippe Aumont P H R-R 6*7 225
11 Matt Dominguez 3b H R-R 6*2 185
12 Michael Burgess of H L-L 5*11 200
13 Matt LaPorta$ 1b C
14 Matt Mangini 3b C
15 Mike Moustakas-c 3b H L-R 6*1 185
16 Daniel Moskos P C L-L
17 Casey Weathers$ P C R-R
18 Tanner Robles P H L-L 6*4 190
19 Neil Ramirez P H R-R 6*4 190
20 Jack McGeary-1b P H L-L 6*3 200
21 MadisonBumgarner P H R-L 6*5 220
22 Joe Savery 1B C L-L 6*3 210
23 Beau Mills 1B C L-R 6*3 205
24 Michael Main-of P H R-R 6*1 171
25 Todd Frazier-of-ss 3B C R-R 6*3 195
26 Yasmani Grandal C H B-R 6*2 205
27 Kentrail Davis of H L-R 5*9 195
28 Cole St.Clair P C L-L 6*5 225
29 Justin Jackson-OF ss H R-R 6*2 175
30 Julio Borbon OF C L-L 6*1 180
31 Nick Schmidt P C L-L 6*4 215
32 Mitch Canham C C
33 J.P. Arencibia C C R-R 6*0 210
34 Jake Arrieta P C R-R 6*4 235
35 Kyle Russell* of C
36 Grant Desme of C 6*2 210
37 Tony Thomas 2B c R-R 5*10 180
38 Eric Eiland of H L-L 6*1 195
39 Tim Alderson <sp